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Deutsch-Baltische Handelskammer in Estland, Lettland, Litauen

“Balttour 2018” thematic hall “Travel Latvia!” On-Stage Events

Friday, 2 February | exhibition hours 10.00–18.00
(10.00–13.00 Trade & Business / 13.00–18.00 General Audience)

11.00–11.20 Official Opening of the International Travel Trade Fair “Balttour 2018”
11.20–11.50 “Person of the Year in Tourism 2017” Awards
13.30–13.40 Stage opening
13.40–14.10 Dance group “Dancari” (Preiďi)
14.15–14.45 A “Mâsas Legzdiňas” concert programme “Lai lîksmo cilvçka sirds!” (Dobele)
14.50–15.20 Science Centre “AHHAA” (Estonia)
15.40–16.00 Vocal group “Dzeltenâ zeműdene” (Salaspils)
16.10–16.30 A “Mâsas Legzdiňas” concert programme “Mîďâ mana tçvu zeme!” (Dobele)
16.30–17.00 Dance group “Samira” (Uzbekistan)

Saturday, 3 February | exhibition hours 10.00–18.00

10.30–11.00 Vocal Studio “Tev un man” (Rîga)
11.00–12.00 Suiti women, Suiti men and Suiti bagpipers (Alsunga municipality)
12.00–12.30 A. Daňiďevičs Dance School “Dzirnas” (Rîga)
12.50–13.20 Science Centre “AHHAA” (Estonia)
13.25–13.55 Folkdance group “Pastalnieki” (Jçkabpils)
13.55–14.10 Dog and its owner (“Talsi VAU”)
14.10–14.30 Irish dance studio “Ceili Rue” (Rîga)
14.30–14.50 Free will ensemble “Stiprâs sievas” (Rîga)
14.50–15.05 Dog fashion show with SIA “Betolli” (“Talsi VAU”)
15.25–15.50 Ethno music band “Ogas” (Rîga)
15.50–16.20 Middle-age dance group “Medaga” and the youth dance group “Tracis” (Jelgava municipality)
16.25–16.55 Folk music ensemble “Kokle” (Aloja)

Sunday, 4 February | exhibition hours 10.00–17.00

10.30–11.20 Middle-age dance group “Laipa” (Jelgava municipality) and senior dance group “Ozolnieki” (Ozolnieku municipality)
11.20–11.30 Contemporary dance group “Mirâţa” (Baloţi)
11.30–11.50 Jânis Jakovďevs, an accordionist (Rîga)
11.50–12.15 Dance group “Gaida” (Preiďi)
12.15–12.30 Senior dance group “Âbeďzieds” (Íekava municipality)
12.50–13.20 Science Centre “AHHAA” (Estonia)
13.25–14.45 Middle-age dance group “Degsme” and senior dance group “Degďi” (Baldone)
14.50–15.10 Ensemble of the kokle players “Dzîtari” (Baldone)
15.20–15.40 Senior dance group “Ziemeďblâzma” and children’s dance group “Bitîte” (Rîga)
15.40–16.00 Line dance group “Latte” (Íekava)

* This programme includes information submitted by participants before 31 January 2018.
Please, note that the programme is subject to change, and will be updated continuously.
Event manager – Igeta Gaiíe (e-mail



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